On a Mission to Inspire

Back in 2009, twin brothers Emil and Rasmus started Slikhaar. At this point - without a clue about what it would eventually turn into. Since their childhood, they always had an impeccable drive and a need to see things grow. They didn’t have that little voice saying: “that’s not possible”, and when others thought about starting out small, they decided to go big. With a vision to build something of their own combined with a great passion for hair, they decided to bring the best professional hair products for men to the masses.

To save time and keep it fun, they stayed away from writing long product descriptions. Instead, they recorded videos where they could show and tell, and give the customers a real feeling for the products. That was a game-changer, adding a new dimension to online shopping. The videos were embedded from YouTube and, surprisingly, they quickly generated traffic from an international audience. Keep in mind: the first videos were in Danish, so the audience had no clue what they were saying. They were there for the hairstyles. After 9 months, the twins decided to go international. They adapted to the interest from international viewers by starting a YouTube channel, Slikhaar TV, dedicated to inspiring men all around the world through hairstyling, trends, lifestyle, and fashion helping them to be the best possible version of themselves. 

Slikhaar TV: +500 Inspirational Videos

With +2 million subscribers, Slikhaar TV is the world’s largest YouTube channel in the Men’s Hair category. Neither a sales channel nor a TV-shop format, the purpose of the channel is to educate and entertain. Slikhaar TV offers the latest trends within men’s hair and include tutorials like the undercut hairstyle and the platinum blonde hairstyle. Emil and Rasmus strive to include subjects that help in all aspects of the hairstyling process.
Most videos are recorded in the Slikhaar Studio hair salon in Denmark, but brilliant content creators, barbers and hairstylists from around the world have without a doubt helped make Slikhaar TV the success it is today.

SlikhaarShop: A Men’s Grooming Mecca

SlikhaarShop is an international online shop with a carefully handpicked selection of the very best professional hair products for men, including LA-based Hanz de Fuko, Australia’s finest Kevin MurphyBaxter of California, and of course Emil and Rasmus’ own brand By Vilain: especially known for the bestsellers Gold Digger, Silver Fox and Sidekick.
We take pride in our selection of brands and after many years in the business we know most of the brand owners personally. We ship worldwide with track and trace and have delivered over 250,000 packages to more than 120 different countries. And with a top rating on Trustpilot, we are proud to say that our customers are satisfied with our services.

Slikhaar Community: It’s a Two-Way Street

Our community is very important to us. We love keeping in touch with our friends, dedicated followers, subscribers and customers in general. We get a lot of feedback and inspiration from our community that helps us be creative in all areas, whether it’s about producing content or developing new, amazing products. We’re on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, where our vision is to share our everyday life and inspire via images, videos and Instagram stories. It’s mostly about hair, but we make sure to keep it fun and personal. Feel free to follow the fun and engage with us.

The latest addition is Slikhaar Community, a closed/private group on Facebook. It’s dedicated to the most enthusiastic supporters of Slikhaar TV, and it’s basically a safe space where everyone can have a voice. We often ask for advice here, and it’s the perfect place for our subscribers and followers to interact with us and each other, in a closed environment. We discuss everything hair-related and we always have fun while doing so.

In the past we’ve done lots of meet-up all around the world. The meet-ups are important for us because they allow for us to meet “our people” face to face. It’s a great way to learn more from the audience and it also makes it all more real. We’ll continue to do these meet-ups in the future because they’re fun and uplifting. It’s always a great feeling to meet up with our community face-to-face, instead of answering messages online from people miles away. Hopefully we’ll see you in person someday in the future.

Slikhaar Twins: Founding Fathers

Emil and Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen. Creators of this thing called Slikhaar. Yes, there are two of them, and they’re identical twins. Did you know that? Actually, in the very beginning a lot of viewers thought there was just one person and that the twin-thing was just good editing and camera-tricks.  

Want to get to know Emil and Rasmus better? Go follow them on Instagram @emilvilain@rasmusvilain.

”We wish to inspire you to be the best version of yourself” // Emil & Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen