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(SHEH·VOO) Ocean Clay(SHEH·VOO) Ocean Clay
(sheh·voo) (SHEH·VOO) Ocean Clay
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(SHEH·VOO) Sea Salt Spray, Ocean(SHEH·VOO) Sea Salt Spray, Ocean
(sheh·voo) (SHEH·VOO) Sea Salt Spray, Ocean
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(SHEH·VOO) Pomade(SHEH·VOO) Pomade
(sheh·voo) (SHEH·VOO) Pomade
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(SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Condtioner(SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Condtioner
(sheh·voo) (SHEH·VOO) Black Clay Condtioner
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(SHEH·VOO) Activating Oil Cleanser(SHEH·VOO) Activating Oil Cleanser


Launched back in November 2016 (SHEH•VOO) is a brand that puts a lot of emphasis in creating a product that also accounts for the long term effects of the use. There is no doubt there has been put a lot of hard work into creating these great products from (SHEH•VOO).
Dre Drexler and his brother David, are the two creative minds of (SHEH•VOO). All the years of expertise in the hair and styling industry combined can be seen and felt in the products they created in the (SHEH•VOO) product line. (SHEH•VOO) is on a mission to continuously look for ways to produce healthier alternatives to everyday hair products and by that striving to change the game with hair products that work for you.

Currently, (SHEH·VOO) offers the Ocean Clay wax and the Activating oil cleanser and the Sea salt spray both products are created using organic ingredients and add a natural, healthy shine to the hair.