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Id HAIR Extreme Titanium Id HAIR Extreme Titanium
id HAIR Id HAIR Extreme Titanium
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Id HAIR Creative Fiber Wax Id HAIR Creative Fiber Wax
id HAIR Id HAIR Creative Fiber Wax
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Id HAIR Hard Gold Id HAIR Hard Gold
id HAIR Id HAIR Hard Gold
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Id HAIR waxes

Id HAIR is amongst most men a well-known Danish hair product brand. Id HAIR was founded in Denmark back in 1985. In 2009, the brand started its international expansion, and today, Id HAIR is represented in more than 30 different countries worldwide.

Id HAIR has a mission to offer the best hair colors and hair products on the market for hairdressers. At first, their products were sold only for hairdressers but the requests for the wax rose and they soon started selling their products in the supermarket as well as online.

Over the past decade, Id HAIR has successfully developed a wide range of hair products to suit every individual need and demand. Working closely with hairdressers everywhere, Id HAIR has been able to set new standards for an entire industry - manifesting their motto, Not for Amateurs. At SlikhaarShop, you are able to shop all Id HAIR’s popular hair waxes. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Hard Gold or on the search for the Extreme Titanium, you’ll find both and many more on the site.

Id HAIR Extreme Titanium and Hard Gold

The two most popular waxes from id HAIR is the Extreme Titanium and Hard Gold. As you might have guessed Extreme Titanium provides a strong hold. It works wonders, especially in short hair. Hard Gold also provides a strong hold and has a medium shine.