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Firsthand Clay PomadeFirsthand Clay Pomade
Firsthand Supply Firsthand Clay Pomade
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Firsthand Supply All-Purpose PomadeFirsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade
Firsthand Texturizing ClayFirsthand Texturizing Clay
Firsthand Supply Firsthand Texturizing Clay
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Firsthand Supply – men’s hair pomade

Firsthand Supply was founded in 2016 in an apartment in Beverly Massachusetts. Like many other companies, Firsthand Supply started with a problem. They couldn’t find a pomade with the wanted hold and look without ingredients they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemies.

After a year of perfecting their own pomade. They asked themselves “What else can we make?”. We have handpicked what we think are the best products from Firsthand Supply. From the long-lasting Water Based Pomade with a strong hold and low shine to the lightweight clay pomade and Styling Clay, with medium hold and a matte finish.