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BluMaan Original Styling MerakiBluMaan Original Styling Meraki
BluMaan BluMaan Original Styling Meraki
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BluMaan Cavalier Heavy ClayBluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay
BluMaan BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay
Sale price €19,90
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BluMaan Monarch Matte PasteBluMaan Monarch Matte Paste
BluMaan BluMaan Monarch Matte Paste
Sale price €19,90
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Blumaan Cloud Control Hair OilBlumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil
BluMaan Blumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil
Sale price €22,00
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Blumaan Fifth Sample Styling Mask PomadeBlumaan Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade
BluMaan Discovery Styling KitBluMaan Discovery Styling Kit
BluMaan BluMaan Discovery Styling Kit
Sale price €21,50
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Blumaan Ascend Volume CreamBlumaan Ascend Volume Cream
BluMaan Blumaan Ascend Volume Cream
Sale price €23,00
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BluMaan Hybrid Cream ClayBluMaan Hybrid Cream Clay
BluMaan BluMaan Hybrid Cream Clay
Sale price €19,90
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Blumaan 3-pack | Save 20%Blumaan 3-pack | Save 20%
BluMaan Blumaan 3-pack | Save 20%
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Blumaan 5-pack | Save 20%Blumaan 5-pack | Save 20%
BluMaan Blumaan 5-pack | Save 20%
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BluMaan hair products

BluMaan was founded on a passion for creating a men’s hair product brand aimed at the modern gentleman, who’s addicted to having a good head of hair. With the point of departure in an entire community of hairstyle enthusiasts, BluMaan seeks to develop the most effective and unique hair products possible and aims to be ever-evolving.

BluMaan started out with the BluMaan Original Styling Meraki: A fiber wax that adds extreme volume and texture to the hair and gives it a matte finish. Then came the heavy clay cavalier that, in contrast, provides you with a desirable matte finish, strong hold and sharp texture that will turn heads.

BluMaan products keep expanding as well as the popularity of the brand.